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Cancer Topics: Leukemia &. Immunology to support remission (2:05)
Cancer Topics: Dr. Stoff's Origins in the study of Integrative Immunology (1:24)
Cancer Topics: How does the immune system get compromised? (1:49)
This is a pilot episode of Immunology Smarts (video blog)- an animated dynamic presentation written by Dr. Jesse Stoff. This chapter covers a concise study about the relationship between the immune system and the central nervous system. For more information and to view other articles, visit: You can also view Dr. Stoff's main website,




Welcome to IMMUNOLOGY TODAY- the wellness community's source for smart and sensible articles about staying on top of our physical performance through a healthy immune system. Immunology Today explores chronic diseases and their causes. We help address the underlying issues of disease such as stress, infection, toxin or nutritional deficiency to create a movement towards health. We cover the many roads to recovery or optimum health from a LIFESTYLE UPGRADE to the most popular trends in treatment options. If you find our articles helpful to you in any way, drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you. - Dr. Jesse A. Stoff, Immunologist / Publisher KEEP IT AWAY!  IMMUNOLOGY TODAY carries much of the significant content from Dr. Stoff's public presentations, seminars and "Staying in Remission"- One of the most comprehensive works for all cancer survivors and a guide to maintaining a disease-free, worry-free and healthy body, mind and existence-- all designed to keep the "bad guys" away. Published by STOFF MEDICAL PUBLISHING. (c) 2017.

"CANCER IMMUNOLOGY FOR THE LAY-PERSON". Finally- the first easy-to-read book for us regular folk about today's most talked-about topics in cancer therapy. This is a complete translation of Dr. Stoff's latest medical text detailing a comprehensive tour into the science of battling cancer through the immune system. To fully grasp the sensible nature behind the science of Immunology is to understand the logic of how our overall physiology works in the most uncomplicated terms possible. It is this logic that frames our very co-existence with disease and cancers as a whole - and how our bodies are naturally designed to suppress them. (See pilot overview)


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An Integrative medical practice is conducted by actual MD's (real licensed doctors with a medical degree) but also have advanced additional knowledge in the expanded global healing arts (eastern, holistic, acu, nutrition, IPT - you name it!). These special docs are pioneers in their own right- combining all applicable and available healing methods to give the patient the best possible solution to battle the toughest health disorders... (Read complete article)
Today, we exercise our freedom of choice to seek complete confidence in our decisions. Seeking what's right for you is just that! I support all patients to be well-informed with research and asking a lot of questions that pertain to their health and issues. Do not be swayed by pressure just because this doctor takes your insurance or the popularity of that procedure. The almighty Google is still on your side to answer any question about anyone....(Read complete article)
There are several different divisions of clinical immunology- one of them is ONCO-immunology (which is the treatment of cancer through the strengthening of the immune system). The type of patients I work with most are patients with severe and chronic diseases and are mostly cancer patients. Cancer by definition is an immune deficiency disease because if the immune system is functioning normally, it will protect us from getting cancer of any sort, regardless of what the stresses are. What happens for most people is as a result of things such as poor nutrition, infections, toxins, traumas, stresses, ... (Read complete article)

As a clinical immunologist, I help people with four major areas of immune dysfunction: (1) immune deficiency, (2) allergy immunology, (3) autoimmune diseases and (4) cancer immunology. It has clearly been shown that the strength of our immune system directly correlates to our risk of getting cancer and the probability that when the cancer is put into remission, it will STAY IN REMISSION. This is a critical point because many cancers have a propensity to recur, and a cancer recurrence is no fun at all. So it behooves us to take a close look at the structure and functioning of the immune system. (Read complete article)

As a clinical immunologist, I help people with different sorts of immune based disorders such as cancer, such as immune deficiencies, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. The common denominator about these diverse illnesses is that they all represent a significant dysfunction and level of damage to the underlying structure and/or functioning of the immune system. When we're looking at autoimmune diseases, we're looking at a very particular area of damage to the immune system. There are over 40 different types of autoimmune diseases. Here on Long Island, New York, we actually have some of the highest incidents of thyroiditis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, found anywhere in the United States. (Read complete article)
One of the primary topics of the study of immunology is the area of IMMUNE DEFFICIENCY and the various types that exist. There are GENETIC immune deficiencies that a person is born with, and some of these can be quite severe. For example years ago, there was a case of David, the boy in a bubble, and he had a severe combined immune deficiency syndrome, SCIDS. And he wound up living in a environment that was very filtered air, and he couldn't eat anything that was essentially not sterilized first because he had no immune system to protect him from infection. And at one point they tried to treat him with a bone marrow transplant from his sister. The transplant was a success. (Read complete article)
We all start off as a single fertilized ovum deep in the uterus of "Mom". From that single cell then divides into two, into four, into eight and into the different stages of the embryological transformation, which ultimately winds up as a fetus, a newborn baby, and finally as an adult. Along that way, we produce a variety of cells that are called pluripotent cells. Pluripotent cells can transform themselves into basically any cell that makes up US. Down the line, these cells start to differentiate into cell lines that then form the ectoderm, the mesoderm, etc., certain cell layers in our body which turn into various organs. These organs have a direct relationship with each other as we grow and mature into adults, but the underlying embryological connection still remains. (Read complete article)
To maximize the effect of stem cell therapy, I first conduct some blood tests to identify the amount of inflammation by what the inflammation markers are in the person's blood. High markers (like a C-Reactive Protein produced in the liver which this level is high in the blood) affects the procedure by diffusing the stem cells quite evenly around the body because the CRP is all over the body. It draws the stem cells all over the place-- not allowing them to concentrate. Hence, I recommend that if anyone has high inflammatory markers, I would first induce preliminary therapy to reduce the systemic levels of inflammation. This helps the inflammation that's concentrated around an area of damage to stand out from the background of what's going on biochemically so that when the stem cells are delivered, they'll know where to go. (Read complete article)
To help restore our health and to help restore harmony, it's a matter of rebuilding the immune response. A functional immune system is based upon an intact biochemistry, which means our biochemistry, the system of biochemical substances, hormones, enzymes and the like in our body has to be intact, functional and in balance, one to the other, in order to support the immune system as efficiently as is possible. Together, they work together to protect us from all sorts of illnesses and keep us above ground on the shiny side of the grass that much longer. When we're looking at the immune system, it's actually a bridge. A bridge where? A bridge between our biochemistry and a bridge in the sort of metaphysical sense to our higher self. (Read complete article)

There are many factors that affect the functioning of our pancreas. The pancreas is a very fragile organ located on the underside of our stomach. It can become inflamed, people can get pancreatitis as a result of many different toxins that we could be exposed to. There are some toxins that are directly toxic to our pancreas that we find in our environment. There are other toxins, things that can attack our pancreas in terms of viruses, and yet there are other things that can attack the pancreas through such simple things as the excessive use of alcohol. You don't have to be a falling-down drunk to wind up with pancreatitis. You just have to be more sensitive to the alcohol than the guy sitting next to you, and everybody has a different threshold of sensitivity. (Read complete article)

Most of the diseases that I work with have a common denominator of an inflammatory component to that disease or illness. Certainly when we're looking at the situation of degenerative joint diseases, inflammation is a major hallmark of that disorder. Degenerative joint diseases can occur for many different reasons. A common cause is trauma. Overuse and wear and tear over time can literally wear out the joint, so to speak, and we wind up having damage that leads to chronic inflammation, swelling, and pain. Now the kind of situation that we're looking at here is that we're not talking about somebody who's just a marathon runner or an Olympian who wears out a joint because they burn through their cartilage or an NBA basketball player, if you will, who always have problems with their knees and ankles and such that you hear on TV all the time. (Read complete article)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) occurs in people who are suffering from overwhelming levels of stress for a prolonged period of time. As a result of that stress, there's a progressive weakening of certain endocrine pathways in our system, a weakening of our adrenals, stress in our thyroid gland, so on, and so forth. So ultimately, these organs go out of balance, and out of condition, and out of their normal response range. As soon as there's a shift in the endocrine response, there's a secondary effect on the functioning of our immune system pre-disposing us to infections from various sorts of viruses. There are a number of different viruses that are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Research is continuing, but some of them include things like Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, HHV6, Coxsackie B, and others. (Read complete article)
If our thyroid is running way below it's functional capacity to help to support our metabolic rate and our metabolism at large, there are many things that can lead to Thyroiditis or Hypothyroidism. One of them is an inflammation of the thyroid called thyroiditis. Thyroiditis can occur as a result of various toxins that can cause damage to the thyroid or various infections that can hit the thyroid, causing a secondary inflammatory immune counterattack that can also lead to collateral damage and an attack of the thyroid tissue itself, and/or attack of the thyroid hormone. (Read complete article)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD occurs as a result of progressive damage, inflammation and scarring to the lungs. The lungs, unlike the liver, don't repair themselves through a process of regeneration. Lung tissue repairs itself through a process of scar tissue formation. So if somebody's exposed to various toxins long enough that are toxic to lung tissue, the lung cells can begin to die, and as such, they will begin to cause the production of scar tissue. Over a period of months and years, the scar tissue will accumulate, and the person's lung function, their pulmonary function will gradually begin to decrease and diminish. (Read complete article)




Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is an alternative method for cancer treatment that uses insulin as a supplement with traditional chemotherapy. The advocates of this therapy claim that insulin potentiates the effectiveness of chemotherapy by lowering the dosage of chemotherapy drugs to minimize their adverse side effects. In other words, you can get the best out of your chemotherapy treatments without fearing the vicious side effects that come with it. Even though IPT has been here for more than 7 decades, the mechanism and pathway through which insulin potentiates the effects of chemotherapy is still unclear. (Read complete article)
A weakened immune system can wreak havoc since it makes you more vulnerable to every pathogen that comes in contact with your body. Having said this, there are several instances where a person can get a weakened immune system. Improving the health of the immune system means your body will become more resistant to incoming diseases. Making your immune system stronger is not a linear program, because you are dealing with a complex network of factors in your body that needs to be addressed. However, there are certain measures you can take to boost the immune system. (Read complete article)

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long term and complicated illness that is manifested by extreme physical and mental fatigue. This type of fatigue is different in nature since it can’t be linked to any underlying causes. Unlike normal fatigue, the fatigue induced by CFS also can’t be alleviated through rest. However, it can be multiplied and worsened by certain physical and mental exertion. CFS is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) even though there is a debate in some medical quarters about their peculiarity. Research related to this acquired complex disorder tells us that around one million people in the US are suffering from CFS/ME and only 20% of them are correctly diagnosed with CFG. (Read complete article)

Autoimmune diseases are a wide range of different diseases that are caused by abnormal autoimmune responses. According to the statistics provided by National Institute of Health (NIH), around 23.5 million Americans are affected by several autoimmune diseases. The reason is still unknown but women are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, of all the people who are affected by autoimmune diseases, nearly 80% of them are women. To understand how autoimmune diseases occur, one must first understand the immune system. Our bodies have an inherent immune system which is responsible to save our bodies from all the bacteria, viruses, parasites and all other foreign bodies that are harmful for our health. An efficient immune system helps us to fight different diseases and facilitate our bodies to recover from those diseases. (Read complete article)

The human body is divided into different physiological systems, and the immune system is one of them. The word ‘immune’ is derived from a Latin word ‘immunis’ which means ‘free’ or ‘untouched’. As the meaning of this word suggests, the immune system is the defense mechanism of the body that makes the body free of foreign invaders (pathogens) that can cause different diseases. The immune system is made up of a complex network of different cells (white blood cells), proteins (antibodies) and organs. (Read complete article)
Cancer was once considered as an incurable disease, but with time, improved medical procedures and technologies have made most of the cancer types curable. Today, oncology offers a wide array of cancer treatments. (1) Surgery is the oldest and yet most reliable way for cancer treatment. There are several different surgical procedures used to remove cancer from the body. Let’s take a look at some of these. (2) Hormone therapy- In some specific types of cancers (prostate and breast cancer), cancer cells use the body’s hormones to grow. Hormone therapy suppresses the production of these hormones which consequently helps in retarding the growth of the cancerous tumor. (Read complete article)
Like food, water, and air , having a sound sleep is also equally important for mind and body to rejuvenate itself and to work properly. Many people take the blessing of sleep for granted however there is a range of problems and even diseases that can be caused by sleep deprivation. There are certain sleep disorders that can lead to sleep deprivation; Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Restless leg syndrome and Parasomnia. (Read complete article)
Body weight can be an indicator of the healthy state of a person. Both of the extremes, being obese or being underweight, can be a cause and as well as a symptom of many health problems. What are the Ways of Identifying Obesity? Even though there are no definite or rather scientific symptoms to know whether you are having the problem of overweight and obesity but there are two reliable methods that can provide you with a clear picture of your body weight. Since obesity can cause many complications therefore if you feel that you are getting bulky then there are methods that can tell that whether you have become an overweight or not. (Read complete article)

The term ‘allergy’ refers to the reaction of immune system to the several environmental substances that are not necessarily considered pathogens and are harmless to most of the population. The substances that caused allergic reactions are called allergens. Allergies happen when the immune system overestimates the danger of foreign elements and reacts. It is the response of the system that results in allergic reactions. There are several symptoms that indicate that a person is having allergic reactions. (Read complete article)
Bloating is a common problem for the people who do not eat consciously. Developing a pot belly soon after the holiday season is common because of overindulgence of food. However, have you ever experienced bloating even when you have consumed normal portions of a meal? Severe case of bloating can cause the abdomen to swell. Some of the foods that cause gastric problems and bloating that carry detrimental effects on the body include: GRAINS, RICE & PASTA. (Read complete article)
Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels. Our bodies obtain energy by converting the food that we eat into glucose. This glucose needs to be absorbed by the blood cells, which is facilitated by insulin —a hormone prepared by pancreas. Diabetes is developed when our bodies either do not produce insulin in sufficient amount or is unable to utilize insulin for glucose absorption, causing the sugar surge in the blood stream. (Read complete article)
OVERCOMING STRESS- A Prescription to Wellness
For our well-being, stress is so powerful that it can affect just about every function in our bodies right down to our cells. Stress can cause major weight gain, headaches, hair loss, dental problems, major fatigue, respiratory issues, digestive problems, psychological & focal disorders. It is also known to affect the performance of our immune system - allowing for skin issues, colds, allergies and a host of chronic diseases. Stress management is important for more than psychological health; stress can greatly affect immune functioning, inflammation and even hormonal balance. (Read complete article)
The food we eat has a huge impact on our bodies. But, does the food also have an impact on the functionality of the brain? Well, the edible items that we consume have an impact on the memory functions and also determine the tendency to develop brain diseases later on. We are well-aware that LDL cholesterol is not good for the cardiovascular systems but do you know that research is providing evidence that it isn’t good for the brain as well. Read on to know the types of food that are good for a healthy brain and what are the benefits associated with them. (Read complete article)
All the education in the world will never get you off bad foods if you are not ready. To condition yourself to a healthier lifestyle is more than just what you eat, it's what you do, how you live, what you think... and how you LOVE yourself. Life extension and prevention are just some of the major ways of thinking but even before this, you need a mental overhaul to build a solid foundation for a true future of health. (Read complete article)
In New York, cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths. According to New York State’s Department of Health, approximately 100,000 people in the region are diagnosed with cancer. The Department of Health started an initiative known as the “Cancer Surveillance Improvement Initiative” in 1998 to enhance the surveillance and research activities by the State of New York to identify cancer clusters in certain communities and the various factors that may have caused it. The initiative is also known as the “cancer mapping project”. (Read complete article)
Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin because our body can actually manufacture vitamin D. It's a fat-soluble vitamin, and it's metabolized in our body from various fat-soluble steroid complexes, as they're referred to. And vitamin D is then metabolized in the skin and split from some of these molecules into the active form of vitamin D- which then has a wide range of effects on basically every single cell in our body. Vitamin D isn't just about having strong bones and strong teeth; vitamin D also has some really wonderful effects from a preventative medical point of view. (Read complete article)
Toxins, impurities and contaminants found in tap water are all known to make you sick - when taken for a long enough period of time. Municipal water works in most or all counties bring their water through an involved disinfecting process, then filtering it to remove pathogens while testing for bacteria such as cryptosporidium, giardia viruses and other organic chemicals. In suburban and rural areas, a common threat is from pesticide runoffs and lawncare chemicals seeping directly into the aquifer. This is known to weaken our immune system and could cause cancer if taken over a long period of time. (Read complete article)

HOW TO RESEARCH on Cancer Resources
Taking into consideration that deer-in-the-headlights behavior that most of us experience with the cancer diagnosis, let’s break down the how-to’s for research on cancer. Probably the most important thing to do is to just start. That in itself is a positive action in a sea of indecision, angst, and fear. How do you choose a place to begin? Start at the beginning: the diagnosis - do you know what it means? After creating a hard-copy file on myself and inserting my biopsy and lab reports, I spent time on the computer, in the library and bookstore reading about just what the type of breast cancer and the stage that I had been diagnosed with meant. I examined the therapies that my oncologist had planned for me – surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. (Read complete article)

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can cause cardiovascular diseases. The impact of increased blood pressure can be felt across the vital organs of the body as well as our abilities. Read on to know the ways high blood pressure can cause reversible and irreversible damage to your wellness- including ARTERIEAL DISEASE, ANEURISM, DEMEMTINA, SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION, SLEEP DISORDERS AND BONE LOSS. (Read complete article)
A neurotoxin is a substance that is ingested, or inhaled or taken into our body by direct contact that has an adverse effect on our central nervous system, manifesting either indirect neurological symptoms of trouble with memory, focus, concentration, coordination. It can also affect us emotionally in terms of irritability, depression and things of that nature. Such toxins are often undetected until symptoms (like chronic fatigue and frequent headaches) begin to show -leading to other effects on the body that may prove difficult to diagnose. (Read complete article)
However, being cold is a form of thermal stress on our system. Stress is one of the five processes that lead to immune suppression and with immune suppression comes an increased risk of all sorts of illnesses. The other four processes being poor nutrition, infection, toxins and trauma. Essentially, stress occurs when we are in some way expending energy faster than we can regenerate it at that moment. Sensing this imbalance the body kicks in with a number of mechanisms to compensate and protect us, all too often robbing Peter to pay Paul.Initially, when we are under stress there is an increased amount of adrenaline that is produced and released. (Read complete article)
Researchers at Harvard have been doing extensive studies in this area, lest they suffer the same fate as us mortals, and have dutifully been reporting their findings. Aside from stress and the myriad distractions of daily life, they have concluded that there are both structural and functional reasons for our brain faux pas.Once we become an (AARP) card carrying member of the “49 and holding” crowd, structural changes become evident in our brain. Oxidative damage and the accumulation of toxins cause damage to the protective myelin sheath which makes our nerves short circuit a bit thus causing “data loss.”Furthermore, as we age our levels of neurotransmitters and brain hormones, decrease causing a functional slowing of the transmission of information. (Read complete article)
Some people exercise to reduce their risk of various chronic and severe diseases. Other people exercise because they like the endorphin release (also known as the runner's high). Some people exercise as a social event or to help recover from an injury. There's many reasons that one will start an exercise program, but when one begins to exercise, each and every session is very important that one go through a warm-up period. So a warm-up period is a time that you gently start to use the muscles that you're going to be exercising, whether it be by stretching or starting off at a slow walk and gradually increasing it if you're escalating to a full run. (Read complete article)
Migraines are a form of debilitating headaches that often begins as an aura. An aura is an early warning that something bad is going on- and the aura is different for different people. So some people have an aura where they'll smell something weird. They'll be in their car, in their home and start smelling cigarette smoke, and they don't smoke and nobody around them smokes. Or they may see some flashing lights or they may get a strange numbness feeling someplace. But there's some sort of neurological symptom that occurs prior to the onset of the migraine, and that's an early warning. And if they get that and they know from past experience that a migraine's about to hit them, they should do some things to try to prevent that migraine if they can. (Read complete article)

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